Frappe VS Latte: Differences & Variations

Frappe VS Latte: Differences & Variations

Everyone’s day starts with a sip of tea. Some people do not even start their daily routine without drinking tea. At first, tea was the most motivating and as time went on changing, the form of tea also changed. such as coffee.

Then there were various modifications in coffee and some new types of coffees were born – frappe, latte, cappuccino, espresso, flat white, mocha etc.

Some people must have been surprised to hear all these names and some people are not. But what is so different about all these coffees that make them different from each other.

So to know this, definitely read our article till the end. Today we are going to tell you about frappe vs latte. Will tell you about their difference and also about their properties.

Some unique differences between Frappe and Latte

Today’s era is the era of technology as well as coffee. Because nowadays the coffee craze has increased all over the world. Everyone likes coffee right now.

There are so many varieties of coffees now that remembering and understanding their difference is no less than an exam for many. Everyone looks the same, maybe making is the same, but everyone’s taste is different.

With the help of this article, we will tell you the differences between the frappe vs latte.
Basically if said, there is no difference between the land and sky in frappe and latte, rather it changes its identity only by the difference of 19-20.

Like sometimes if you go to a cafe and you see some coffee in someone’s hand, if you are thinking of it as a latte, then it may also be a frappe. Very relative and similar. frappe and latte.

What is a Frappe?

Frappe is a thick, foamy type of coffee. Coffee, water, milk, ice etc. are added to it. It is made with the help of a shaker and blender.

Frappe vs latte

Due to frappe being a cold coffee, many types of cold additives can be add in it. Such as ice cream, sugar, or any kind of colour, sweet-flavoured syrups etc.

Due to being cold, it is considered a summer drink. It is served to you in a large, tall glass with a straw. If you want to add ice cream to it, then it is also given to you by adding it.

In this, you are offered a variety of flavours, such as vanilla bean, caramel, coffee beans, chocolate chips, and so on.

Furthermore, different textures will be given to Frappe which is the same as smoothie and milkshake.

After knowing so much about Frappe, this question must have come to your mind, after all, where was its invention first? So let me tell you, frappe was first created by nestle employees in Greece.

The name frappe is derived from the French word flapper, which means “chill”. In its taste, it ruled the hearts of many people from the very beginning, and then slowly the craze of frappe started spreading all over the world.

It is a fusion of a coffee and ice cream, in which similar flavours are also found.

What is a Latte?

A latte is a variety of low that’s aforementioned to be a classic drink that is served hot. A latte consists of an espresso shot placed in a cup. The shot is then added to a quantity of steamed milk, which has been mixed and made into a smooth texture.

Frappe vs latte

Latte is a hot coffee drink made with an attempt of espresso, steamed milk, and a skinny layer of milk foam. It’s typically flat-top with some latte art. Historically it’s made with 1/3 coffee and 2/3 steamed milk.

The quality size is around 10 to 12 Oz, and you’ll be able to mix it with flavourer syrups. The latte was popularised within the late 1950s, however, it had been created approach back, nearly at a similar time because of the espresso.

The name comes from the Italian words restaurant a latte which means low and milk. It’s consumed drunk worldwide with each nation having its variations.

Latte is out there in several flavours, and one amongst the main most popular flavours by many of us overall is the caramel latte.

This can be a basic traditional and classic flavour additional to a latte. then again, flavours similar to peppermint, Choco chips, cinnamon, or Hazelnut can be added to the top.

A latte is flat-top with foam typically in several cafes. This foam is employed for decorating and creating styles such as a leaf, hearts, or other designs as a topping to create it look attractive. many of us like drinking this drink as a go-to stress buster for them.


Frappe is created with cold water, milk, and ice. generally, even frozen dessert is added. It’s a favourite among people who get pleasure from iced drinks.

Latte, on the opposite hand, needs hot milk and low within the process. Iced Caffe lattes are offered at some restaurants, however, historically latte is served hot.

Calorie Content

Because of the numerous additives, frappe has over double the calorie content of a latte for an eight oz serving.

Frappes you’ll get at the most giant cafe chains contain a simple fraction of the recommended daily calorie intake. Lattes are lower on the calorie scale because of the lighter, less caloric ingredients.

Frappe Calories

Starbucks: 380 cals (Grande, Caramel Frappuccino)
McDonald: 510 cals (Medium, Caramel Frappe)
Dunkin’ Donuts: 590 cals (Medium, Frozen Coffee)

Latte Calories

Starbucks: 190 cals (Grande)
McDonald: 190 cals (Medium)
Dunkin’ Donuts: 170 cals (Medium, Whole Milk)


The ingredients for frappe has to be at temperature or cooler, to prevent the ice from melting during preparation. The best, thick and foamy frappe uses whole milk or perhaps 0.5 and a half.

Lattes would like hot ingredients and may be created with milk or even dairy-free substitutes.


You can simply forget you’re having occasional once drinking frappe. The style is nearer to a drink thanks to the high sweetness, creamy consistency, and weak coffee taste.

Lattes have a lot of pungent coffee style and lightweight sweetness returning from the milk. They’re less viscous and milkier.


Frappe is served in an exceedingly tall glass, with ice chips, and drank with a straw. It is completed with whipped cream, syrups, or a scoop of frozen dessert on top.

Latte is served in a mug. Skilled baristas can produce some fascinating art on the surface of your latte.

These variations could Surprise You…

You will get frappe with cooky, blueberry, mint, or chocolate seasoning, with tea, or with nearly no alkaloid. Lattes aren’t as versatile – you’ll be able to get them with a restricted range of flavours and ne’er caffeine-free.

Frappe vs latte

Instant occasional is employed in Frappes. While lattes work best with java, frappes square measure best created with instant occasional. The frappe foam would possibly look just like the java cream, however, its approach is thicker and lasting.

Freshly brewed occasional encompasses a high oil content and may deliver a temporary foam. dry instant occasional contains nearly no oil, which ensures nearly solid foam to make and keep longer.

Frappes might not even contain occasional in the slightest degree.

Did you recognize that frappes will truly be caffeine-free? you’ll be able to simply get an occasional out of frappe and still get a tasty drink.

If you get occasional out of the caffe latte, you’ll find yourself with a glass of hot milk! Lattes don’t work with fruit flavours, whereas fruit-flavoured frappes square measure superb.

Frappe vs latte is each drink for people who like a lighter low style and milk like variations. Temperature and look are the most giveaways which will assist you to distinguish one from the opposite.

The long list of variations continues with ingredients, taste, content, and caloric count. you’ll relish each an equivalent, however, it’s essential to understand the variations before ordering your next cup.

Difference Between Frappe and Latte

Coffee is meant to be a drinkable that’s most admired by all humans everywhere around the globe. low intake for someone has many blessings and drawbacks.

This drinkable is taken altogether kinds of atmospheric conditions everywhere the globe by many of us.

Frappe vs latte

A Frappe is served with ice and it is cooled right down to a temperature served with ice or cooled down for an individual in a very restaurant.

On the opposite hand, a latte is served solely at a high temperature in a very restaurant with milk for an individual.

Frappe vs latte

A frappe could be a variety of low that’s created out of frozen low and created to be cooled at temperature. This answer is then mixed with ice and intermingled with milk.

This can be later mixed with an answer to own a swish texture for an individual to drink. this can be essentially most frequently to be consumed by the youth nowadays.

A latte is a sort of low that’s aforesaid to be a classic drink that’s served hot. A latte is created in a very method wherever when the shots of latte are place in a cup, they’re side to the amount of steamed milk that is mixed and created into swish texture.

Main variations Between Frappe and Latte

Frappe could be a low drink that’s intermingled and served at a chilly temperature, and on the opposite hand, the latte is served hot for the shoppers.

In a frappe, the coffee shots are premade and simply added to a different container for mixing. On the other hand, in a latte, the coffee shots are meant to be forced back into a mixture of milk.

The fat content in a very frappe is much higher as there’s ice used with different flavoured low and intermingled, and on the other hand, the fat content in a latte is extremely low in concert with almond milk, a small amount of milk, or even skimmed milk as alternatives.

Frappes have an alkaloid level of up to 70 to 125mg, and on the opposite hand, a latte incorporates an alkaloid level of up to 80 to 150mg.

The texture of a frappe is going to be thick as some tiny coarse ice is an additional side, and on the opposite hand, the feel of a latte is a powerful tool as compared to a frappe.


Frappe and Latte are both types of coffee. Only a small difference makes him different. Frappe is a type of cold coffee, which is best to drink in summer, and latte on the other hand is a hot coffee, which is best to drink in winter.

In frappe vs latte, only their ingredients and their contents and textures provide a different look and a different taste to each other.

Coffee lovers must always know all these types of coffees. Because it is not that hot coffee is not available in summer and cold coffee is not available in winter, but you get all types of coffees in every season, it only depends on the drinker which coffee he wants to drink.

And above all these prices are different. Talking about frappe and latte, both are energetic and amazing coffees. Both also involve the proper amount of caffeine.

Frappe vs Latte FAQ

1. Do Frappes have caffeine?

Ans. The original frappe is formed with 2 spoonful’s of instant occasional will deliver the maximum amount of caffeine as four espressos!

The caffeine content within the frappe can well go neglected thanks to the sweet style. However, you’ll be able to customise the caffeine content by cutting the occasional and victimization alternative additives.

2. What’s the distinction between an Iced latte and a Frappe?

The iced latte is formed by producing a cup of coffee and gushing it over ice in a very tall glass. The milk is agitated with ice and elective sweetener and accessorial on high.

Frappe, however, can’t be created with coffee. All the ingredients within the frappe are mixed along and at temperature.

What’s the distinction between a Frappe and Frappuccino?

Both Frappe and Frappuccino are mixed, foamy, ice coffee drinks. the sole distinction is that Frappuccino is a trademark registered by Starbucks, therefore they’re the sole ones allowed to use that name.

It’s created with in-house instant occasional and high-powered blenders. Frappe is the normally used word worldwide; it’s an equivalent word for the classic Greek frappe.


A coffee enthusiast from Asia keeps trying new hot beverages and sharing all his experiences with the internet. Aayush is a writer by profession who only thinks about coffee. He loves to brew and create unique recipes and share them with the public. Aayush had tried different types of coffee from different sides of the world. His favorite coffee is the Hawaiin Kona Coffee.

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