How To Make Cold Brew Coffee? Easy & Tasty Cold Brew Recipe

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee? Easy & Tasty Cold Brew Recipe

How to make cold brew coffee? Anyone who has tasted cold brew coffee will agree–it isn’t just the taste, it is a complete experience! Cold-brew coffee started small but has grown to be immensely popular. You can find it everywhere from high-end cafes to your local supermarket. 

If you have ever tried whipping this coffee up at your home, you will know that it comes with complications. The coffee’s too strong, the ratio isn’t right–cold brew could go wrong in hundreds of ways. But, we have got you covered! Right from preparing the perfect cold brew to troubleshooting any issues, you will learn everything from this comprehensive cold brew coffee guide!

What makes cold brew special? 

Cold brew coffee is exactly what the name says–it is coffee brewed in cold water. Usually, it is made by letting coffee grounds sit in cold water for more than 12 hours. And there are several reasons that make cold brew worth the hype:

Concentrated brew:

Unlike hot brew coffee, you can double or even triple the concentration of your cold brew without compromising on the taste. If you added too much coffee for hot brewing, you would end up with a sour imbalance cup of coffee. This is because caffeine is extracted in a matter of minutes in hot brewing whereas cold brewing takes hours to brew.  

Though people dilute the cold brew by adding milk or cream, you can control the concentration by adjusting the amount of milk used. And there’s more. Because it is a concentrate, it also takes up less space, so you can carry it in a small thermos flask when you travel.

If you are looking for a strong kick from your coffee, then cold brew is your answer.

Improved flavor:

Hot water extracts and breaks down numerous unwanted compounds that can cause sourness and bitterness in your coffee. This doesn’t happen in cold brewing. Though cold brew won’t drastically change the taste of your coffee, you can still see the difference. The flavors in cold brew appear more pronounced and creamier when compared to hot brew.

Health Benefits:

If you struggle with acidity after consuming coffee, then give the cold brew a try. Because of reduced acidity, cold brew can be easier on your stomach and you can avoid any discomfort.

This is also the perfect coffee for those who are suffering from acid reflux or other gastrointestinal issues.

All-seasons coffee:

Ever craved coffee during summers but skipped it because it was too hot? You don’t have to do it anymore! Cold brew involves no heat and can be the perfect cup during those sweltering summer mornings, you can enjoy your cup guilt free!


There are only so many drinks you can make with a hot brewed coffee. But with cold brew, the possibilities are endless! You can make a traditional cup of coffee, or mix it with some soda water and cream to get a cold brewed cream soda! Because of the lack of heat, the flavor of cold brewed coffee mixes well with many things.


Cold brew coffee isn’t really complicated to make. If you get the important aspects like the ratio and steep right, you can master the art of making cold brew coffee!

1. The Basics:

The first and foremost step to brewing the perfect cold brew is to get all the equipment. You will need:

  • Grinder: You need a grinder that can give coarsely ground coffee. If you do not want to invest in a grinder, you can just use readymade ground coffee.
  • Brewer: There are many good brewers available that you can choose according to your requirements and budget. Or you can simply brew your coffee in a saucepan, works just fine if you filter the coffee twice!
  • Coffee filter paper: This one’s easy! You will need it to filter the brewed coffee.
  • Filtered water: The kind of water you use makes a difference in the flavor of the coffee. Filtered water can give better results than water taken from the kitchen tap.

2. The Ratio:

This can’t be stressed enough! If you take one cup of coffee, you will need twice the amount of water. The perfect coffee to water ratio is 1:2. 

Using this ratio, you can brew any amount of coffee. You need to mix the coffee and water in a mason jar (or any other container with a lid) and let it rest for at least 10 minutes. After that, you can close the lid and pop it into the refrigerator.

3. The Steep:

Steeping cold brew coffee takes around 10-12 hours. This will give you a decently strong coffee. You can steep it longer to get a more concentrated brew. But remember, do not keep it for more than 2 hours as it will only turn bitter after that.

4. The Filter:

Once your coffee is done steeping, you will need to filter it. You can make a DIY filter by placing a fine mesh over a pitcher. Simply place a muslin cloth or coffee filter over the mesh, and your DIY filter is ready.

Pour the coffee from the mason jar in the filter. It will take some time to completely drip down. Do not rush and wait till the last drop of cold brew coffee is filtered into the pitcher. 

There, your cold brew is now ready!

5. The Storage:

You can store cold brew coffee in the fridge for up to 15 days, but it starts losing taste after a week. Make sure you keep it in a tightly sealed jar and do not consume it beyond 15 days.

A Simple Serve of Cold Brew Coffee:

Most people add equal amounts of milk or water to their cold brew along with some ice. Depending on your taste, you can change the amount of milk or water and also add some sugar.

Even though you have followed the brewing process the best you can, there might be some issues with your cold brew. 

The strength of coffee: If you feel the coffee is too strong, you can simply add more water. Or add more concentrate if you feel your coffee isn’t strong enough. If you feel that you have not added the right amount of coffee grounds while brewing, and can’t find a good coffee to water ratio, you can just brew it again. It doesn’t take much effort and you can get the perfect brew the second time!

Too sour or too bitter: The bitterness and sourness of your brew completely depend on the amount of time you steeped your coffee. If you leave it to brew for too long, it will turn bitter. If the time is less, it will be sour. You can salvage your sour coffee by steeping it for an extra hour or two. To reduce the bitterness, you will have to brew it again and strain it earlier.

Different ways of serving cold brew: 

Cold brew coffee is as versatile as it can get. Whether you want sweet creamy coffee, or you are in the mood to experiment a little, there is a recipe for everyone!

1. Cold brew frappe: 

You will need: Cold brew concentrate, ice cubes, liquid sugar, milk, and cream.

Just add all the ingredients in a blender, and blend till the ice melts. Pour it in a large glass and top it off with some chocolate.

2. Vietnamese coffee: 

You will need: cold brew concentrate, condensed milk, ice, some water

Traditionally, Vietnamese coffee is made from hot coffee mixed with ice. This is the cold brew version.

Simply mix some cold brew concentrate with condensed milk, and add lots of ice. Since, both the cold brew and condensed milk have a strong flavor, you can add a little water to suit your taste. 

3. Cold brew Lemonade:

You will need: cold brew concentrate, carbonated water, lemon juice, sugar

If you have never imagined carbonated coffee, you should give this a try! 

Mix the cold brew concentrate with some soda water, and top it off with some lemon juice. Add sugar as much as you like. You will love it!

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Cold brews are becoming immensely popular, with many people trying it once and never looking back. Making a wonderful cup of cold brew coffee doesn’t have to be that difficult. In this post we understood about “How To Make Cold Brew Coffee” so now follow all the steps and brew yours. Get your measures and ratios right, and you will never reach out for the cold brews in the market. Happy brewing!


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