Chemex VS V60, Which Pour-Over Coffee Maker Fits You?

Chemex VS V60, Which Pour-Over Coffee Maker Fits You?


Several brewing procedures may appear to be extremely comparable at the first look. Those are specialty slowly pour coffee machines with distinct paper filtration.

They could perhaps be composed of similar materials, based on the brand of Chemex vs V60 folks!

Pour through coffee is usually recognized as the greatest technique of enjoying coffee’s inherent aromas.

It’s a technique for extracting the richness and purity of flavors from beans into the mug.

However, there seem to be a couple of fundamental distinctions among the other brewers, & one would probably surely suit you perfectly.

In this article, we pit 2 well-known coffee machine brands against one other: the Chemex vs V60. Let’s just get this party started!

Everything You Need to Know About Chemex

The Chemex seems to be an hourglass design poured over a coffee maker. It’s composed of hardened glass and even has a hardwood grip with a thong leather knot.

This exquisite and sophisticated coffee maker from the 1940s is now on exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art for years!

chemex vs v60

To drink using a Chemex, occupy the top part of the beaker with moderate coffee beans and insert a Chemex model filtration.

Afterward, you pour boiling water in loops on the seeds, thoroughly soaking everything.

The coffee spills through into the beaker’s lower half. When you’re done brewing, remove the purifier and grinds from the top — then your coffee gets willing to pour in a lovely coffee pot!


  • Beautiful and fashionable design
  • It also functions as a carafe.
  • It is possible to make up to ten cups of coffee.
  • Coffee that’s rich and clear
  • tempered glassware with a hardwood grip.
  • Washable and cooktop friendly


  • A little pricey
  • It might be difficult to wash.
  • Unique paper purifiers are required.
  • Not particularly transportable.

Everything You Need to Know About Hario V60

Hario, a Japanese glassware maker, makes the V60 coffee maker. The V60 or Hario V60 is available in a variety of substances.

chemex vs v60

Such as glass, alloy steels, ceramics, copper, as well as polycarbonate, and features a distinctive wavy shape that channels water for greater evacuation.

If you have brewed coffee, you’re already familiar with the Hario V60. To use the V60, set the dripper over a cup or carafe and insert a unique Hario filtration inside the conical.

Slowly pour the liquid in swirls above the beans then pour a spoonful or more of standard size coffee powder.

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Whenever the coffee has finished spilling inside your container, you remove the Hario V60 and discard the filtration.


  • Lightweight and quite well
  • There are several suitable materials.
  • Simple to wash
  • Coffee that’s rich and delicious


  • Unique paper filtration is required.
  • It’s difficult to prepare for a large group.
  • It might be difficult to achieve perfection.

What exactly is a brewer?

Pour over is coffee brewed by pouring boiled water on the beans manually. The procedure is similar to that of a dripping coffee appliance.

With the exception that you, instead of the device, regulate the movement of liquid. This approach provides the brewer with a great deal of flexibility throughout the espresso.

Pour over espresso was without a doubt the greatest coffee I’ve ever had. The taste of the coffee beans, as well as the roasting, were enhanced with no harshness.

Keep following this post to find out who is the winner from Chemex VS V60.

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Pour Over coffee: a step by step guide

Pour over coffee aficionados propose heating and pouring hot water further into the coffee machine with a tripod pot.

This gives you more command over the stream of water & provides for a gentler pour, which maximizes coffee taste.

To begin, you put a small amount of hot water into the beans, enabling them to grow and emit carbon dioxide.

The remainder of the liquid is then carefully poured all over the grounds.

Having the purification, this method produces a clearer pot of coffee with no dirt or harshness.

Evaluate the Following Factors

Now that you’ve learned the fundamentals of both brewing companies, it’s important to do deeper insights comparisons.

What are the significant components, as well as which approach is superior?

Utilization Ease

Whether any of this pour-over is the most user-friendly? In tests, I discovered both to be comparably simple to grasp.

You can make a delicious pot of coffee with any gadget, however, if you wish to refine your method, we believe the V60 is significantly more difficult.

This is due in part to its compact footprint, and in part to the importance of the pot, you utilize.

Taste of Coffee

Is the Chemex brewer better than the V60 in making great coffee? That is all up to you. Because Chemex employs denser paper filtration, the coffee is smoother and has less aftertaste.

Coffee with such a bit extra flavor is produced by the V60. However, both makers provide excellent coffee.

Do you make a single sip of a drink or a pot for a squad? Some other important thing to remember is that the Chemex can make up to 10 drinks at once, whereas the V60 is just only one cup maker.


The V60 comes in a multitude of variants, many of them are quite affordable. If you have a limited wallet, you may enjoy the appropriate price of polycarbonate replicas.

The Chemex isn’t as expensive as the best coffee maker, however, it is also not the most affordable choice on the marketplace.


Which equipment is the simplest to wash? We must award this to the V60, which is simple to wash due to its design and components.

Several V60 versions are durable, and it is simple to clean and maintain every portion of the coffee maker.

But on the other side, the Chemex seems to have a difficult hourglass form. This can be hard to wash the lowest area of the beaker, as well as the hardwood lever deteriorates quickly in water.

Although the Chemex may be washed on the countertop of the washer, handwashing it will extend its life.

Comparison of Chemex vs V60

1. Design

Hario V60

The conical-designed dripper might appear basic, however, do not be fooled by its simplicity; it was designed with care and produces excellent coffee.

The dripper is set at quite a 60-degree slope, resulting in the dripper’s trademark “V” form, thus the name V60.

chemex vs v60

Curved folds within the cone enable gas to evacuate as well as spread the coffee grinds.

This results in a much more constant and equal removal. A huge opening is located at the machine’s bottom, as well as a paper filtration is inserted further into the shaft.

The V60 dripper comes in a variety of colors and textures. Interestingly, the polycarbonate versions are the cheapest option, and they are available in translucent, red, & white.

Whether you choose not to use plastic, there seem to be pottery and translucent glass alternatives.

Lastly, there’s also a metal variant, which has a much more upscale appearance and provides higher heat absorption during brewing.


The Chemex is constructed of tempered glass. This also includes a hardwood handle with a leather knot.

As previously noted, the brewer is lovely that it is indeed a constant presence in numerous museums throughout the globe.

chemex vs v60

Surprisingly, although being built 8 decades previously, it’s doesn’t appear antiquated.

Therefore, if you value beauty as well as delicious espresso, the Chemex is a wonderful replacement.

One significant distinction between both the Chemex as well as the V60 is whether the Chemex seems to be a single machine, whereas the V60 is a detachable device that rests on the cups.

You may alternatively utilize the Chemex as a coffee pot because it would be made of a single component.

Because of the hardwood handle, Chemex is very simple to hold and does not transfer heat. In the meantime, a notch on the edge guarantees that the liquid enters the pot without spilling.

After the espresso has been prepared, spin it to notice how lovely it appears inside the coffee pot. It has the appearance of excellent wine in such a transparent glass.

Ultimately, it’s a lovely and classy method to make coffee.

Filtering Paper

Pour over coffee machines utilize both paper or metal filtration to keep grinds out of your drink.

The V60 and the Chemex, on the other hand, utilize paper filtration, so you will require purifiers that are the suitable thickness for your coffee maker.

Hario V60

The Hario V60 makes utilization of conical-shaped absorbent paper that comes in three different sizes that correspond to the thickness of the dripper you’re using.

As an example, a 01 filtration paper will suit the 01 version and many more.

To utilize the purifier, flip the border and then release the filter from the upper end. This results in a conical form that is ideal for the Hario V60.

Filtration papers can be purchased directly through Hario or third-party companies. The size of the sheet, meanwhile, may vary from provider to vendor.


Chemex filtration seems to be more complicated than the filtration used by the V60. So the winner from Chemex VS V60, in the terms of filter paper is V60. Shapes are classified into three types:

  • A pre-folded circular
  • Square pre-folded
  • Unraveled half moon

Besides the 3cup capacity, the very first 2 sheets are suitable for all Chemex coffee makers.

The last sheet form is designed to accommodate the 3 cups Chemex. But, until you can use it, you must wrap filtration paper into a conical form.

Chemex filtration sheets are more substantial than V60 filtration sheets. This impacts the flavor, necessary ground level, & making duration.

Throughout the following part, we’ll go through these features in further depth.

You may pick between gas bleach and organic alternatives on either the V60 as well as Chemex filtration, depending on the preferences.

Coffee Flavor

You’ll enjoy a richness-free coffee because both the machines employ paper filtration. They do, though, have some other taste qualities.

Both coffee makers produce wonderful coffee, whether it’s a common African coffee with sharp freshness and sweet flavor, a rich, chocolaty, creaminess taste from Brazil caffeine, as well as many other unique flavors from some of the coffee beans.

This is understandable since pour-over emphasizes the coffee seeds’ natural properties.

Every coffee machine will make a lovely coffee whether you have handled everything perfectly, such as properly crushing the entire coffee beans, selecting the optimal boiling temp, utilizing the ideal coffee to the ratio of hot water, managing the dripping period, and regulating the liquid flow rate.

But, the espresso produced with each differs somewhat. The bigger filtration of Chemex, for instance, captures extra from the coffee compounds and keeps tiny dust from entering the cups, resulting in a richer, smoother flavor.

This is popular among many individuals. If you like strong coffee, Chemex roasts generally seem lighter and have less texture. The V60, on the other hand, produces coffee with greater flavor.

Brewing Simplicity

Pouring over is just a handmade process, so you can not just push a toggle as you want to using an automated dripping espresso machine.

As a result, you’ll have to fine-tune your skill and regulate the spilling pace. Ordinary pots are suitable for usage.

A flexible pot, on the other hand, provides greater control throughout hot water, ensuring a wonderful pot of coffee having excellent filtration.

So here are several quick tips for utilizing both espresso machines.

Using a Hario V60 to Make Coffee

Set the extractor on a flask or a pot to utilize the Hario V60. After that, insert the filtration inside the funnel.

Slowly spill hot water in a clockwise direction over the grinds as well as pour your moderate coffee beans.

The coffee will gently flow inside the cup. When finished, pull the V60 and discard the filtration sheet.

Using a Chemex to Make Coffee

Bend the filtration sheet properly and place it inside the flask to utilize the Chemex. Make sure the 3 layer face is towards the outlet.

Mix in your moderate coffee beans. Trickle hot water over the coffee beans in a clockwise direction to thoroughly wet them.

The coffee will finally start flowing into the lower area of the coffee pot. After making, remove the purifier and pour the coffee from the exquisite cup.

Because the bigger filtration paper provides absorbency, the Chemex is simpler than using a V60.

In comparison, the Hario V60 requires a more deliberate flowing rate, so that if you spill too fast, the espresso will be light and poorly extracted.

Brew Duration and Bean Size

Both Coffee machines produce a pot of coffee in such a couple of moments.

But, when the exact grounds, grind length, and the coffee to the volume of water are used, the Hario V60 is faster, but the Chemex takes too much time.

We like moderate-fine to moderate-coarse beans for the Hario V60, and somewhat rougher beans for the Chemex due to the extended making period.

If you’re using a coarser grinding inside the Chemex, the beans may become blocked at the base of the strong purifier, resulting in extra absorption.

Coarser grounds, on the other hand, aren’t required for a faster making period. You may have used a similar ground size as the Hario V60 & experienced a richer coffee as much as you prevent leaks.

Upkeep And Lifespan

Hario V60

Polycarbonate extractors are not quite as attractive as glassware and pottery extractor, however, they are indestructible.

We’ve had been using these for a few years and yet they somehow operate wonderfully, despite some stains as well as the white dripper not appearing as beautiful as it did when purchased.

You do not need to upkeep it other than a quick wash underwater. Polycarbonate drippers may be less expensive, making them an excellent affordable alternative.


Because the Chemex espresso machine is only accessible in glassware, it’s not quite as long-lasting as the polycarbonate Hario V60.

In the meantime, despite its beauty, the hour glass figure form is hard to wash only if you use a jar cleaner having a long stick.

Before washing, take off the leather knot & hardwood handle.

In short, treat the Chemex as if it were a museum display!


As previously said, Chemex vs V60 are widely acclaimed pour-over espresso machines, and there’s not a definite winner.

However, the majority of the variances in the espresso produced by each are due to variations in flavor instead of quality.

Conversely, the winner from Chemex VS V60 is Chemex. In terms of aesthetics, however, it loses the service life of the polycarbonate Hario V60.

The most crucial consideration, then, maybe your wallet. The V60 seems to be a perfect choice if you’ve got a restricted budget yet desire a gorgeous pour over.

But, if you’re willing to pay a little extra and lovemaking many drinks of coffee simultaneously, the Chemex is a functional and visually pleasing perfect addition.

Lastly, in terms of flavor, the V60 is ideal for those who want strong coffee, whilst the Chemex is ideal for those who prefer a smoother, clearer cup.

In any case, one truth is certain: whatever coffee maker you select, both of these are superb for brewing wonderful pour over coffee.

Also the winner from Chemex VS V60 is yours to choose. We have shared our review and experience with it, now you have to decide and choose a winner from Chemex VS V60.

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